Home Termite Inspections

No one wants to be told they have a pest problem. The only thing worse than being told you have termite damage is to not know that you had termites in the first place! We can carefully assess and determine the extent, if any, of termite presence and/or damage to your home and help you draft a plan of action if there is a problem.

Did you know… 1 in 5 Carolina homes will have some level of termite infestation. They spread most commonly underground and can cause structural damage as soon as 6 months in. They break down wood in nature to maintain a careful balance in ecosystems, but when introduced to a home environment, can cause major damage over time.

It goes without being said, the sooner termites are detected the better. Our termite detection specialists will carefully inspect for signs of termites and/or termite damage and make sure to include details in a full, post-inspection report.