Our Services

Pre-Sale Inspections

This kind of inspection can help to prepare you as the seller of a home, giving you proper insights into the overall quality of your home before listing on the market. This can make a huge difference, saving you time and money in the selling process by giving you a clear picture of repairs or remediation that may need to be done. You can then make an educated decision on how much you will be prepared to take care of in contrast to work that the buyer may be undertaking. There are certain things as the seller that you may be required to cover, and getting an inspection will tell you what those things are so that you’re not in a time-crunch to get things done mid-sale.

Buyer Inspection

A good, thorough buyer’s inspection will give you important insights into the quality and overall value of the home you are looking at potentially investing in. It will tell the work that needs to be done with the property, help determine the value to you and your family, and can give you peace of mind in knowing that you are making a good investment at the asking price. That’s why home inspector selection is so important! You want to make sure and select an inspector with experience and professionalism that won’t miss something that could be a problem years down the road.

New Construction Inspections

Periodically, a new home buyer may opt to forego an inspection, assuming everything has been done correctly. We wouldn’t advise this, as oftentimes there can be things that were lazily done or just missed altogether. Don’t let a builder that may be resistant to third-party inspections dissuade you from checking behind him or her. This would be all the more reason to get another set of eyes on the work that’s been done. We offer foundation inspections, pre-sheetrock inspections, and final inspections.

Foreclosure/As Is Inspection

More often than not, when we take a look at a home in foreclosure, there is much more to worry about as the potential buyer as the former owners aren’t motivated to take care of an asset that they will soon lose possession of. Left to sit, a house can become mold-infested along with a long list of other potential problems. Just because the bank will not make any repairs and it is an “as is” sale, doesn’t mean you should forego an inspection. Quite the opposite! It would honestly be foolish to not do an inspection on a home that, if bought, will be your responsibility to deal with minor and even major issues, Is the roof functional? Is the electrical system working properly? Plumbing? Water Quality? Structural Issues? The list goes on. Call us today to schedule your Inspection today!

Water Testing

We provide water testing as a part of a full home inspection. Nothing could be more important as the quality of water you and your family user on a daily basis. Whether you are looking at buying a home that utilizes well water or selling your home, FHA Water Testing is essential in determining the quality of water supplied to the home by a well. Our testing includes FHA Water Test, Fecal Coliform Test and Radon Testing. In general, we will have the water sample tested by a state-certified lab.

Mold Testing

Mold and water damage, if left unchecked, can have devastating effects on a home over time. Water can seep in crevices and cause cracking and even structural damage. Not only do we check for signs of this, looking over every inch of the home, we also provide mold detection and testing services. If there is mold present, we will determine the type of mold present, the extent of the damage and toxicity, and the potential risk and danger if the damage is comprehensive enough to warrant such a risk assessment. We can help determine a plan of action if you are the homeowner and if you are the prospective buyer, help get you a clearer picture of what is going on, as mold damage can often be present in hidden places.

Radon Testing

Radon is a dangerous, non-odorous gas that can emanate from the ground in certain areas in North Carolina. That is why we provide optional radon testing as a part of our home inspections. This involves leaving a radon tester in the home in a strategic location for some time and coming back to retrieve the unit while recording the results for you in a report. We take pride in the accuracy of our radon testing and the meticulous processes all of our inspectors undertake when entering a home.

Termite Inspections

No one wants to be told they have a pest problem. The only thing worse than being told you have termite damage is to not know that you had termites in the first place! We can carefully assess and determine the extent, if any, of termite presence and/or damage to your home and help you draft a plan of action if there is a problem.